Exciting News! I am finally retiring after a joyous 12 years helping 1000 students one-on-one and in small groups! After an extensive search, I am transferring this website url to Dan Lichterman, a highly experienced and successful essay coach who has the same sensibilities and approach I take to essay work. I HIGHLY urge you to reach out to Dan at dan@danlichterman.com! Dan has helped place VERY high-level students at top universities. He also brings strong skills to guiding students of all levels find their perfect college and university.

Thanks for a great 12 years….. Best wishes to all of my past students and all young students stepping into the world of higher education! Moms/dads/students…feel free to update me on your accomplishments and joys via www.mindypollackfusi.com





A message from Dan, to you and your student:

Let’s talk about your college application writing needs!

415-444-6907  dan@danlichterman.com

Available for online writing coaching in the US –and internationally

Available for in-person coaching in the San Francisco Bay Area

Dan has worked as a writing coach, professional editor, and admission essay specialist for over 15 years. As a seasoned writing interventionist, he is well versed in the pitfalls that assail both novice and experienced writers seeking to find their voice. His goal is to help clients learn how to effectively stand out through powerful storytelling.

Dan loves engaging clients in a writing dialogue which brings insight and purpose to the composition process. He builds upon clients’ strengths and provides a springboard for their ideas to take flight. His aim is to empower storytelling and create a thoughtful and supportive context for confidently navigating academic and career transitions.  He believes every client can develop the organization and persuasive techniques necessary for a lifetime of successful writing.

Now go get ’em, all!  

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.”—Henry David Thoreau


As college application deadlines loom, parents and students admit that the essay is the #1 task students dread, avoid, or wait to tackle last minute. Yet it is a vital tool for providing depth to your application. The essay introduces the person behind the grades, scores, and extracurricular activities. And it sometimes makes the difference between an acceptance or rejection from your desired college.

A great coach guides students toward passionate essays that reflect their personalities and unique qualities. While the essay alone cannot help a student get into college, it provides an edge in the admissions process and helps students gain acceptance to the colleges of their dreams.

We will not write the essay for you! We will discuss the content and the messages your essay provides about you. Then we will adjust words, sentences, and paragraphs so you and your writing are effervescent.

SCROLL DOWN FOR A LIST OF COLLEGES/UNIVERSITIES OUR STUDENTS HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED TO OVER THE PAST TWELVE YEARS! They are a wonderful group of young people! Helping adolescents refine their identities and passions, write about this in a succinct essay, and see them accepted by colleges and universities that excite them (and their parents) is so rewarding. Although it is time for Mindy to retire, she still says: “I could not have loved my ‘job’ any more!”

Mindy highly recommends you make Dan Lichterman your next contact to inquire about his extensive college essay application coaching services to your student via zoom, phone, online documents, and in person in his region.

In Person

If you wish to work with us in person, please call or email to arrange our first meeting of 90 minutes. Note: This will be a get-started meeting. The “get to knows” are done over the phone by Mindy. (Note, parents are welcome to attend all meetings, but often students work better with one-on-one!)


If you wish to work with us online, please email to discuss what services you think you might need–help with the topic, reviewing a draft, online edits, help with supplements, etc. After we agree to work together, Mindy will bill you after the e-mail, phone, Skype or Face Time session. Topic sessions will be with Mindy. Editing sessions with her assistant, under Mindy’s supervision.

Quick & Focused

We will never do more work than we agree to…so no worries that you will receive a bill with surprises! Note that after we agree to work together, we reply to work sent within 3 days (including weekends/holidays) unless we agree on rush services–$50 extra to have edits in 24-48 hours, ONLY if we are able.

Watch this Video!

Among other pointers, I may advise you on ways to:

  • start with the most exciting opening
  • reorganize your essay
  • focus on one theme, while also revealing your best qualities in a way that makes you shine! (And if you don’t have a topic, I have multiple “tricks” to pull one out of you!)

This is how I work with students:

If you already have drafted an essay, I will review it and work with you on edits–or suggest a different topic if I think you’ve missed your mark.

If you have no idea what to write your essay on, do not worry! We will discuss ideas and work together on what should go into a first draft.

From here, I will work with you on edits until you and I believe it’s ready to roll out!