My daughter has enjoyed working with you, and it makes such a difference when there is the kind of rapport that the two of you have established.

Students who took Mindy's L'Explorations Intensive 15-hour Class in summer through Lexington Community Education wish to share these comments:
* The process of thinking about, and taking steps, before the essay are helpful.
* Even if you wrote an exceptional essay during the school year, this class will help improve or redirect you to write something better.
* Even though it was a group class, there was a good amount of one-on-one time.
* I'm so glad I was able to finish my college essay before the school year even began!

Mindy for students from LHS

I wanted to thank you so much for all the help that you gave me with my essays and supplements! Quite honestly, I was really lost before, and the time I spent with you has given me a lot of insight, both on my own writing and on the college application process itself. So thank you so, so much. I was accepted Early Action to Harvard! Thank you so much for your help.

Lexington High School student who attended Mindy's Lex. Community Education workshop

Lexington High School student

Thanks Mindy. We very much appreciated your flexibility, understanding, and expertise in the process. Definitely had a positive impact.

Extremely satisfied MA parent

Dear Mindy,
Your help, support and service was invaluable to both Jill and me in more ways than I can express. I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and colleagues who are struggling with their kids in this area. I talk about it all the time and how I'm so grateful to have found you, Mindy.
A grateful Aunt

Thanks again for everything, not just with the essay but helping to show me my potential as a writer and speaking to my personality strengths. It has helped a lot with making a decision on a school and also what direction to take my major regarding secondary education.

M.M. Northborough, MA

You gave me great ideas and I really feel like I’m going somewhere with this now!

A Happy Student

Thank you again for assisting my son. He thoroughly benefited by having your guidance and relieving his stress.

Swampscott mom/Internet client

You helped me dig through my memory to find the right path, and from there it was easy. Thank you again for your services. I think they really helped me to construct a stronger application and present myself in a better way to admissions counselors.

BC freshman from Massachusetts

Working with Mindy was very helpful. She helped me edit my essays to say exactly what I wanted them to say in the perfect way. I learned how to better express myself through writing by working with Mindy, and overall it was a great experience. I got into an amazing college, and I'm very excited to attend this fall. The essay I wrote for that college was probably the hardest one I had to write, so having Mindy there to coach me through it was crucial (and very successful!) Mindy made everything easier and inspired me to write to the best of my abilities.

Kristina, Lexington (MA) High School graduate

We had reached the point of terminal frustration. My son’s high school 'essay support person' helped him create a terrible essay. He was upset because he had poured significant effort into an essay that could not be used. I was upset because we were going to miss our deadline. An internet search led us to Mindy. She stepped in, quickly built a relationship with my son, helped him refocus and guided him to the completion of a great essay. Now my son is blaming me for having not found Mindy sooner.

Parent of a high school senior in Pennsylvania

Thank you again and again for your help. I got into 7 colleges and know my essay made the difference!

a Lexington (MA) High School student, now attending Tufts University

The workshop really opened my mind and helped me explore all the different approaches and tips for writing a college essay that really fits who I am.

Katie L., Bedford High School senior

I broke through my mental block. Thanks!

CC, Medfield, MA

He came back happy and willing to give it a go, so that's a good start!

a Bedford, MA Dad

Thank you so much for your help. C. has been accepted into the colleges he really wanted to get into. I am grateful he has choices. I am grateful for your part in getting those choices.

UMass. Amherst Sports Management freshman from New York

I found my ‘voice’ and now I feel ready to write my essay!

Another Happy Student

Thanks for all your help. It was easier working with you than with my parents!

A Very Happy Graduate

I encourage my past students to reach out to let me (and others) know about their experience working with me!