Second Siblings Society

As enters its 7th year, I’m pleased to announce that the following families have successfully used my services for two siblings. (Including graduate school application essays.)

C, J, L Steele, Carlisle, MA

E & E Zhao, Needham, MA

L & A Silver, Bedford, MA

K & C, Lexington, MA

Nick & Ryan, Westford, MA

Alex & Ben, Berwyn, Pennsylvania (Skype clients)

D & R, Lexington, MA

F and R, Lexington, MA

C & R, Lexington, MA

H & H, Wayland, MA

S & T, Stamford, CT (Skype clients)

E & E, Needham, MA

And thanks to the Pitzers for a referral for a second Bangkok student (in person and Skype)

“Thank you for all of your help with them. You were wonderful.”

Father of two siblings, Wayland, MA.