How to Choose a College Essay Coach….

I can’t tell you how many times I am asked in detail about my services. Well, I can guess: probably a dozen times or more a summer; it is what I do on the initial phone call when someone wants more information, following their post on my Contact Me form. And I have to say, I don’t sell. Because, you see, I just simply BELIEVE in the process I have worked my way toward in my 7+ years of doing this work. Sure, occasionally a student doesn’t match with my personality; twice students wanted me to write the darn thing themselves. No NO NO. Yes, I just shouted, or at least used my dog-training voice to make it very clear that is unacceptable. I do suggest better word choices–but only if a student either knows that word, or is the kind of young person willing to look it up and add it to his or her vocabulary. [Yes, I am aware that I just wrote “his or her,” though I wanted to say “their.” If this weren’t a blog, I’d rewrite the sentence to avoid that awkward structure, as I advise my students to do.] But usually, the student matches with my personality and guidance for this reason: I match my personality and guidance to EACH STUDENT’s style. I am not very serious; yet I take this work totally seriously. For my more scholastic students, I tuck in my playful methods of pulling out material from my less scholastic students. For my less serious students, I reach a point where I am the “alpha” and, while working within their limits, I encourage deadline-keeping, proofreading etc. [Is it obvious we are training a new puppy at home, with my dog-training metaphors?]  So this is my light post. For my serious post about how many hours it takes to work on an essay with a student, etc., I must say, I answer these questions live on the phone, but they’re really all on this wonderful website my colleagues have helped me develop. One thing I stand by: I believe every student has a wonderful college waiting to sign them up. The school a student dreams of today may NOT be the school they land in, yet can I tell you how many times those students do not look back? That’s probably for another blog–and many DO get their first choice.  Meantime, feel free to e mail or call me; I don’t really mind repeating the same things over and over!  🙂