Published Works

Mindy is also a freelance writer for The Boston Globe. Here are some of her most popular articles and essays through the years.

The Pain of the Prom

I FELT LUCKY my sophomore year at Lexington High School because Frank, a cute boy I’d dated three or four times, invited me to his junior prom. Looking back, all I can picture is a sea of yellow: the ugly lemon-colored chiffon gown my mother insisted I wear, the bouquet of daisies and baby’s breath […]

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Cooped up in suburbia

The chicken moves up in the pecking order of desirable family pets, and fresh eggs are just a bonus Answers To Age-Old Chicken Questions BEDFORD — Every evening, just before former landscape designer Janet Powers, 41, puts her young daughters to bed, she ventures out of her cozy farmhouse to secure the door on her […]

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